The Gospel According to Beer

How Beer Points Us To God

I reckon Aussie Beer commercials are pretty funny

They capture something of the Aussie larrikin spirit, and they remind us to not take ourselves too seriously. 

We have ads with blokes doing bombies into spa's; cooking our national symbol on the bbq; enjoying late night lamb sandwiches (kebabs), catapulting deer into the clouds to make it rain beer (???), getting lifts home from the pub in pizza delivery cars, and speaking ‘woman’ to a mates missus to explain to her why he should be allowed to go away with the boys. And of course to be successful you’ve got have a really big canoe (which goes without saying really).

Carlton Draught have some funny ads.


"Through the power of Dance Kevin DID become a Brewery worker"

And what a great slogan: 'Made from Beer'

Some of their other ads are a bit weird!



Weird hey!

But I also like Aussie beer commercials because they touch on deeper issues. They whet our appetite for something real and satisfying; they promise us a more fulfilling lifestyle; they present a solution to some of the drudgery in our lives; or they promise to quench a deeper thirst in us.

So how do beer ads point us to God?


"From a place much more pure than yours!"

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