Are you ready to meet Jesus? (Mark 1:1-13) by Chris , added on Tue 17 Nov, 15

Marks gospel kicks off with a bang. He makes the huge claim that Jesus is the Son of God and says that’s good news for us. Check out why! Listen to the sermon here: Mark 1:1-13 The beginning of ...

Follow the Leader (Mark 1:14-39) by Dev , added on Mon 23 Nov, 15

  We all have people that have impacted us with their words or actions in the past. That’s why we are who we are at the moment. In fact, we are all following leaders right now. Whether it’s ...

How to fulfil your greatest need (Mark 1:40-2:17) by Dev , added on Thu 03 Dec, 15

  In a world that’s full of ‘wants’, how do we figure out what people actually need? Further, how do we figure out what people’s greatest need is? Mark, in his gospel, gives us some big hints as ...

Jesus is not just an add-on to your old life (Mark 2:18-3:6) by Chris Ekins , added on Wed 09 Dec, 15

Jesus broke lots of religious rules & traditions which bought him into sharp conflict with the religious leaders of his day. But he didn’t just break rules to be a rebel. He did it to show who He ...

Jesus fights for his family (Mark 3:7-35) by Dev Blair , added on Wed 16 Dec, 15

Jesus pulled off the most successful heist the universe has ever seen! He went to great lengths to build, direct and rescue his family. Join us as we check out an epically important passage in Mark’s Gospel!Listen ...

Parable of the Soils (Mark 4:1-20) by Chris Ekins , added on Tue 22 Dec, 15

What kind of listener are you? When God speaks, are you tuned in?Listen to the sermon here:Mark 4:1-20Again Jesus began to teach by the lake. The crowd that gathered around him was so large that he got ...

Partnering with God (Mark 4:21-34) by Pete Flower , added on Thu 31 Dec, 15

Are you ever tempted to call in the experts when it comes to sharing the message of Jesus? If you are like a lot of people, your answer will probably be yes. But having a better understanding of the power ...

Jesus’ Terrifying Power Reveals His Identity (Mark 4:35-5:43) by Chris Ekins , added on Wed 06 Jan, 16

Jesus’ terrifying power points to his identity as the King of God’s Kingdom. He is not to be messed with and He calls us to put our faith in Him. But what does that look like?

Expect it to be tough (Mark 6:1-29) by Chris Ekins , added on Sun 10 Jan, 16

Following Jesus and speaking for Him will not always be easy. Having realistic expectations allows us to persevere and remain faithful. We can expect people to get offended by the message and to reject us. We can also expect God ...

Expectations of Jesus? (Mark 8:1-38) by Chris Ekins , added on Fri 12 Feb, 16

What do you expect Jesus to do for you? What does Jesus expect from you?Mark 8:1-9:1During those days another large crowd gathered. Since they had nothing to eat, Jesus called his disciples to him and said, 2 “I ...

I’m a believer, help me with my unbelief! (mark 9:2-32) by Dev Blair , added on Fri 12 Feb, 16

Throughout his ministry Jesus gave his disciples glimpses that he was more than meets the eye. Join us as we check out what the Transfiguration meant for them and for us as we follow him today.Mark 9:2-32After six ...

How to be truly great (mark 9:33-50) by Chris Ekins , added on Thu 17 Mar, 16

Jesus teaches his disciples what true greatness looks like and urges them to deal radically with sin

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage (Mark 10:1-12) by Chris Ekins , added on Wed 23 Mar, 16

What does Jesus teach about Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage?

Don't be a fig tree! (Mark 10:46-11:25) by Dev Blair , added on Wed 23 Mar, 16

Sometimes when we look at Jesus it's easy to see him for who we want him to be. However, Mark's Gospel makes it very clear that Jesus is who he is whether we feel comfortable or ...

Answering Trap Questions (Mark 11:27-12:27) by Chris Ekins , added on Wed 23 Mar, 16

Don't just be amazed at Jesus' ability to answer trap questions, listen to what he teaches.

The Light of the World in Darkness - Good Friday (Mark 15:16-47) by Dev Blair , added on Wed 30 Mar, 16

A small line in Mark's Gospel can have big consequences. As the land was covered in darkness for three hours, the Son hung on a cross separated from the Father and the Spirit. Why?Jesus asks the question ...

Mark 16 - Easter Sunday by Chris Ekins , added on Wed 30 Mar, 16

Jesus' resurrection was a real, historical event. What does it tell us about Jesus? And what does that mean for us?

The Most Important Things in Life (Mark 12:28-34) by Chris Ekins , added on Wed 06 Apr, 16

What's the most important thing in life? What's supposed to be your #1 priority and the driving force that shapes everything you do? Love.

Loving Like Jesus (Mark 12:35-44) by Dev Blair , added on Mon 11 Apr, 16

Jesus is the Lord who loved us with everything that he had.

How to live before the end of the world (Mark 13:1-37) by Chris Ekins , added on Wed 04 May, 16

The end of the world is coming. Jesus tells us what it will be like, what to expect between here and there, and how to live now so we're ready for it.

Jesus: The mistake taker (Mark 14:27-52) by Dev Blair , added on Fri 06 May, 16

Ever feel like you are failing when you are following Jesus? Its good to know we are in great company as the disciples did it lots. Let's learn from their mistakes.

Jesus is King, Judge & Saviour (Mark 14:53-15:5) by Chris Ekins , added on Wed 11 May, 16

Jesus made such huge claims about Who He Is - the Son of God, the King of the Universe, the Judge of all mankind, and the Saviour for all who'll come to Him. These claims got him killed ...

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