Our Vision

Our mission is to build Christ’s church by prayerfully proclaiming the Word of God.

There are about 25,000 people living within 25 minutes drive of Forster (That's a lot of souls that matter to God! This includes 2000 young families, 1600 primary school students and 1600 high school students

We want to introduce as many of them as possible to Jesus Christ so they can experience the new life he offers (so we provide lots of opportunities for people to hear the good news of the gospel, and to respond by trusting Jesus as their Saviour and following Him as their Lord).

We want to help people grow to spiritual maturity (so we pray and teach them from the Bible, which is God's Word).

We want to help people discover the joy of faithfully using their gifts & abilities to serve God and others.

We want to invest in the next generation by helping kids & teenagers come to know God too.

We are also committed to raising up and training the next generation of full time gospel workers so we can send them out to start new churches across our nation.

We see a massive need for more churches that are accessible to everyday people, youth and young families in our region. We want to become the ‘mother church’ of many new congregations up and down the coast. (In 2009 we launched CoastEC at Forster as a hub for starting new churches in nearby towns. In 2018 we launched a new Sunday Service at Hallidays Point. In 2020, we started a new hub church in Taree called Manning Bible Church which will seek to reach the surrounding region. After that we're hoping to start another congregation at Smiths Lake, and a morning service in Forster)

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