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Prayer Update (Oct/Nov 2018), Fri 28 Sep, 18

Hey friends!Its almost been 10 years since we moved to Forster with Caleb, Tom, Ali, Ev, Leesh and Stu to start CoastEC! What a ride!God has grown my family. Sharon and I are so thankful for Caleb, Hannah and ...

Prayer Update (Aug/Sep 2018), Wed 08 Aug, 18

Hey friends!The KidsWe're thankful to God for all our kids, and feel blessed to have them on Team Ekins. Chloe is 6, and loves drawing. Hannah just turned 8, and is still loving gymnastics. Caleb is 9, has started collecting ...

Prayer Update (Jun/Jul 18), Fri 29 Jun, 18

Hey friends of CoastEC!I've just come back from long service leave and it was a really great break! I hung out with my family, recharged my batteries, and enjoyed God's good creation.It was nice ...

Prayer Update (Apr/May 18), Fri 29 Jun, 18

Hey friends of CoastEC!Heather here! I hope you are all well.Chris is on long-service leave at the moment, and loving the down time with family and lots of time for fishing!Just before he went on long-service leave, ...

Prayer Update (Feb/Mar 18), Fri 29 Jun, 18

Hey friends of CoastEC!Family NewsIt's been great catching up with our families over the Summer. My brothers came up to Forster for a fish; we headed down to Sydney for some Christmas family gatherings; and Sharon'...

Prayer Update (Dec17/Jan18), Fri 29 Jun, 18

Hey friends of CoastEC!Hey friends!Hope you're all well! It was great to catch up with Neil, one of my best mates recently. We even got to chase some sea beasts!Chloe is about to finish preschool ...

Prayer Update Aug/Sept 2017, Wed 09 Aug, 17

Hey friends!We've got 2 big things to let you know!1. LAND - WE'RE BUYING!Some great news - it's official! We've signed a contract and put a deposit down to buy some ...

Prayer Update Apr/May 2017, Fri 24 Mar, 17

Hey friends of CoastEC! Thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement!CALEB'S BAPTISM!Check out this vid which shows God's work in Caleb's life, with his baptism at the end! Very thankful to ...

Prayer Update Feb/Mar 17, Fri 24 Mar, 17

Hey friends of CoastEC!We've been at Forster for 8 years now! God has grown our family (Caleb is 8, Hannah is 6 and Chloe is 4) and He's grown His Church in some amazingly beautiful ways. Sharon and I ...

Supporter Update Nov/Dec 2016/17, Fri 25 Nov, 16

Hey Friends! Thanks for your ongoing interest in our ministry at CoastEC.I've been reminded again about the urgency of the mission God has given us to make disciples. When Jesus returns, which could be any day, ...

Prayer Update Aug/Sept 2016, Wed 03 Aug, 16

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June/July 2016 Prayer Update, Wed 01 Jun, 16

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April/May 2016 Prayer Update, Wed 04 May, 16

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February/March 2016 Prayer update, Wed 04 May, 16

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Dec 15/Jan 16 Prayer Update, Wed 04 May, 16

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